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Carmarthenshire supports Afghan refugee resettlement programme

Carmarthenshire County Council has settled three families from Afghanistan as part of a UK-wide scheme.

The families, 15 individuals, have been given refuge and are being supported to rebuild their lives safe from the terror they have experienced in their home country.

The council was one of the first to settle Afghan refugees and said they will work with the UK Government to provide continued support if necessary.

Officers are working alongside EYST (Ethnic Youth Support Team), an organisation with whom they have worked with over recent years to provide specialist support for refugees settled in Carmarthenshire from Syria.

Cllr Linda Evans, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “It is desperately upsetting to see what is happening in Afghanistan, and as a council we are committed to doing everything we can to help.
“We have been working with the UK Government for several weeks and have already found safe homes for three families who were amongst the first to be evacuated. We are supporting these families as best we can with help from EYST and will provide ongoing assistance to ensure they have everything they need to build a new life here in Carmarthenshire.
“I’ve no doubt, as we have already experienced with refugees settled from Syria, that they will – in time and with the right support – be a huge asset to our communities.”
She added: “We are grateful of the support of local landlords who we have worked with so that Carmarthenshire can play its part in this tragic situation.”

The council is working with EYST and local multi-cultural networks to ensure the families have everything they need – donations of physical items including furniture, clothing, food or toys are not currently required, however arrangements are being made for people who may wish to contribute to a fund that will support the re-settlement programme going forward.

For further information email housing@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

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