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Carmarthenshire’s Lightbringers school project highlighted in the Senedd

IN THE Senedd during a 90 second statement Mid and West MS Helen Mary Jones highlighted the involvement of local schools in the Lightbringers Project.

Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Economy, Transport and Tackling Poverty Minister, Helen Mary Jones MS said:

“We all know, I think, that Twitter isn’t always the happiest of places. But, last week, my timeline was literally illuminated by hundreds of beautiful lanterns. The lanterns were made by children across Carmarthenshire as part of the Lightbringers Project, the brainchild of Jayne Marciano. The project was inspired by a wonderful children’s book, The Lightbringers—Y Lanternwyr, yn Gymraeg.

“The book is a true Welsh product, written and illustrated by Karin Celestine of Monmouthshire and published by Graffeg in Llanelli. It’s in two parts. The first is a story of a journey taken by little creatures as they seek to return light to the earth at midwinter, centering on the idea that light will always return, even from the darkest days. The second part is a short introduction to the traditions that the story evokes: the Mari Lwyd and the wassail.

“The project saw pupils in their homes and in their hubs reading the story, learning about the traditions and making beautiful lanterns, bringing light into dark times. The project also gave opportunities for the children to express their feelings about lockdown and talk about their hopes for the future.

“The lanterns are incredibly varied, made from a wide range of materials: exquisite painting on glass, colourful paper, clever use of cardboard and plastics and tins, made by children as old as 11 and as young as three. They made my timeline glow. For me, they did exactly what was intended. They brought light in dark times. The lanterns made me smile, and seeing the children’s proud, smiling faces made me feel really hopeful, and I’m sure that I speak for many others who saw these lovely lanterns too.

“I understand that there are now plans to expand the project beyond Carmarthenshire. So, I want to say thank you. I had thought to try and list all of the schools that I knew of that took part, but there are just too many. So, I can’t name them all, but thank you all so much school, staff, families, and most of all the children. Diolch yn fawr iawn. You are true lightbringers, each and every one of you.

“Lanternwyr go iawn ŷch chi i gyd. Daw eto, haul ar fryn.

“You are true lightbringers, each and every one of you. The sun will rise again over the hills.”

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