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Ceredigion Cabinet approves Welsh in Education Strategic Plan 2022-32

BY September 2032, Ceredigion County Council’s aspiration is that all pupils in the authority’s schools will attend Welsh-medium immersion education until the age of seven. The Welsh in Education Strategic 2022-32 Plan outlines the key objectives to achieve this.

During a recent Cabinet meeting held virtually, Members approved the content of the Welsh in Education Strategic 2022-32 Plan.

The plan complies with the Welsh Government’s Welsh in Education Strategic Plans regulations 2019. Those regulations state that key areas should be strategically planned to develop and strengthen the Welsh language, such as more opportunities for learners to use Welsh in different contexts in school.

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Councillor Catrin Miles, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Schools, Lifelong Learning and Skills, Support and Intervention said:

“Today’s approval of the plan is an important milestone in helping us set out an excellent foundation for our pupils in speaking and communicating in Welsh. It will increase the pupil’s choice to follow a fully bilingual path throughout the rest of his or her educational career and in facing the future world of work and social life. At the same time, the communities that surround our pupils and schools will benefit from this increased effort to strengthen the Welsh language in Ceredigion as a community language.”

The plan also contributes to Wales’ national well-being goals and to the Welsh Government’s aim of increasing the number of Welsh speakers to one million by 2050.

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