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THE NEW WASTE  collection regime is starting its roll out next week with Ceredigion’s new strategy for rubbish and recycling management.

A draft plan for the next five years is being prepared and its first draft brought to members of scrutiny on Thursday (April 25).

Ceredigion County Council is aiming to meet increased targets for recycling as well as providing a more efficient service, “doing more with less.”

The first lot of new refuse collection vehicles have arrived and the new service starts in the south of the county next week with residents notified and provided information about what is put where and when it is collected.

Cabinet agreed the new kerbside collection model in March last year including retaining weekly recycling and food waste collection, the introduction of three-weekly collection of glass bottles and jars with black bags collected every three weeks as well.

A separate fortnightly collection of absorbent hygiene products will be made on request.“

The new service is expected to improve recycling performance and deliver savings in the region of £240k per annum,” a report to thriving communities overview and scrutiny committee states.

A full review of the service will be carried out after 12 months once it is “completely rolled-out, established and embedded” the report adds. Environmental services corporate manger Gerwyn Jones said that a full strategy would be prepared and brought back to scrutiny before a framework was implemented. “We hope the way we’ve done this, step by step, has given us an opportunity to respond to any issues and there’s been an opportunity to review.“

There’s been a lot of challenges but we need to work with people to move forward,” said Mr Jones. He also highlighted pilot projects in Aberystwyth which had not been entirely successful.

These involved the use of communal wheelie bins on North Parade, put out the day before collection is due, which have improved the state of the street but problems remain with items not put in the correct containers.

On Cambrian Street and Moor Lane “strong, reusable bags” have been provided for non-recyclable waste to deter seagulls and other pests. However, only ten per cent of properties have used the bags.Cllr Ceredig Davies said: “The biggest problem is the people who are not willing to engage with the service and how we are going to get them to abide, until we do that we are going to have a big problem.” He referred to North Parade and its “50 to 60 living units” with students from across the world resident there, some for only short periods, and the need to involve landlords in highlighting waste rules.

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