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Ceredigion’s Housing Support Programme for 2022-2026 has been approved by Ceredigion Cabinet Members.

The programme sets out the Authority’s plans in relation to Homelessness Prevention and Housing Support to avoid and reduce the risks of Homelessness and rooflessness in the county, with funding support through the Housing Support Grant.

The Housing Support Grant (HSG) is an early intervention grant programme to support activity which prevents people from becoming homeless, stabilises their housing situation or helps potentially homeless people to find and keep accommodation.

Councillor Matthew Vaux, Cabinet Member for Partnerships, Housing, Legal and Governance and Public Protection, said:

“I am pleased that the Housing Support Programme for 2022-26 has today been approved. The programme brings together statutory, third and private sector partners to work effectively together to ensure the people in Ceredigion have access to suitable housing with timely and appropriate support within their local communities.”

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