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Ceredigion leader says things are getting better but “we must be careful”

Things are getting better but “we must be very careful” that covid-19 infections don’t increase again, Ceredigion council’s leader has warned.

Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn told the cabinet on Tuesday (February 2) that the latest coronavirus figures showed the county had the lowest infection rate in Wales at 31.6 per 100,000 and a positive test rate of 3.81, “again the lowest in Wales and that is excellent news.”

“I have to thank the people of Ceredigion for keeping to the rules and regulations,” and reducing the number of cases “significantly,” she added.

She warned that the reduction in cases had not yet resulted in a lowering of hospital admissions due to a “lag” in diagnosis to treatment if required, and residents “have to be careful.”

“If numbers go up again it will hit capacity in our hospitals. The pressure on our health service had been quite intense and staff, the same as our staff, are tired having to deal with the pressure,” added Cllr ap Gwynn.

“Although it’s getting better we must be very careful that this virus doesn’t spread, we hear of the different variations and they appear to be more contagious,” she said.

The “positive news” was the vaccination programme in Ceredigion which has seen around 12 per cent of the four highest property groups vaccinated.

Another 4,000 letters inviting the next priority group of over 75s to their GP surgery for a vaccine are due to go out.

Cllr ap Gwynn said that around 30,000 doses are expected this week and “we hope to see the numbers that are being vaccinated increasing significantly from next week onwards” with hopes that 105,000 people will have had their first jab by the middle of the month.

Discussions about reopening schools continue, Cllr ap Gwynn told members, with the “caveat” of what scientists and medics say, along with a bid for priority vaccinations for early years teachers and staff if they are to return soon.

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