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CEREDIGION’S exam results were above the Wales average according to provisional data to be presented next week.

Members of the county council’s learning communities overview and scrutiny committee will receive an update on this summer’s results for pupils taking GCSE or A Level examinations.

The report to the meeting on September 29 states that official data will be available early next month but the provisional percentages for Ceredigion are presented.

Those show that when it comes to GCSEs 28.1 per cent of pupils achieved grades A* to A, compared to the Wales percentage of 25.1 per cent, while those achieving A* to C was at 77.1 per cent in Ceredigion compared to 68.6 per cent.

Overall pass grades of A* to G in Ceredigion was at 98.7 per cent, again above the Wales figures of 97.3 per cent, with analysis indicating that the county is on par when it comes to Welsh as first language and above the national results in English and Maths.

Similarly, A Level results indicate that those achieving A* to A was at 42.1 per cent in Ceredigion and 40.9 per cent in Wales, for grades A* to B it was 70.2 per cent locally and 52 per cent nationally, while at A* to C there was a 89.2 per cent achievement compared to 76.3 per cent.

For overall grades A* to E 98.4 per cent of pupils in Ceredigion achieved, compared to 97.6 per cent.

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