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THREE flats planned as part of a chapel conversion in Swansea wouldn’t have any windows, council planning officers said.

The flats would only have roof lights, which officers said was “completely unacceptable” for anyone living in them.

This was one of the reasons the planning department turned down an application to convert the vacant Bethania Chapel, Morriston, into nine properties and a ground-floor market.

Applicant TQS Development Ltd also wanted to build a new block at the rear featuring a cafe and first-floor community hall.

Planning officers said there were benefits to the Woodfield Street proposal but concluded that it would be unacceptable.

They said three of the flats, including one of the ones with no windows, did not meet minimum space standards, and there was no communal space for them. Residents, they added, would overlook four neighbouring properties.

Their report said: “It is clear from the submitted drawings that little thought has been given to the residential amenity of the future occupiers of these flats and the impact the development would have upon the existing neighbouring residential properties.”

Officers also said the planned cafe and community hall were poorly designed and too big, thereby harming the appearance of the surrounding Morriston Conservation Area. And no justification was given for a lack of parking.

But they welcomed the idea of bringing the chapel, which was built in 1878, back into use and suggested the applicant sought pre-application advice prior to potentially submitting a new proposal.

TQS Development Ltd can appeal the refusal decision.

Three people objected to the application on the grounds of a shortage of parking locally, overlooking concerns, and no mention of any opening hours for the market stalls, cafe or community hall.

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