September 23, 2021

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Charities urge cliff jumpers to think before they leap

Another serious cliff jumping accident in Wales has strengthened the resolve of water safety organisations in trying to reduce incidents.

Cliff jumping has been taking place for generations, but increasing numbers are now giving it a try thanks mainly to publicity via social media; the outcome of getting a jump wrong can include death or life changing injuries.

During the school holidays , Water Safety Wales, a group of more than 30 organisations focused on reducing drowning and serious incidents, are encouraging jumpers to stay safe.

In the latest incident at the Blue Lagoon, near Abereiddy in Pembrokeshire, a person in their early 20s had to be airlifted to hospital with back injuries. It follows an incident in April where a man suffered life changing injuries after jumping from cliffs close to Langland Bay, Swansea, and another where a man was recovered unconscious from the water after jumping from cliffs at St Catherine’s Island, Tenby. Fortunately, he regained consciousness and was taken to hospital.

Danni Harding, from Cardiff, suffered life changing injuries when she hit rocks jumping from a waterfall in 2018. Danni, 30, who ran a successful security firm prior to her accident, broke her back and now lives with a series of debilitating health problems.

She says: ‘I didn’t realise that the hot weather had made the water level lower than normal. I was having the greatest time – I’d jumped nine times, until I made that one wrong move and now I have