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Chief Constable speaks out on police officer assaults following court sentence

DYFED-Powys Police’s Chief Constable has voiced his disgust and dismay on the rising issue of assaults on police officers.

Chief Constable Mark Collins’ comments come following the sentencing of the one of the men responsible for tasering and assaulting a police officer at Synod Inn, Ceredigion, in the line of duty.

Wayne Dobson

Today (August 21) at Swansea Crown Court, Wayne Dobson, aged 30, has been given a two year and nine month prison sentence for convictions of ABH of a police officer, aggravated vehicle taking and taking vehicles without consent.

The case of Darryl Dempsey will be considered at a later date.

Chief Constable Mark Collins said: “This was a particularly brutal and terrifying experience for anyone to go through. For it to happen to a police officer while serving on the frontline to keep our communities safe is unacceptable. It fills me with disgust and dismay.

“The officer concerned suffered injuries serious enough to require a substantial amount of time off work. An experience like that can take a long time to get over and as a force we will continue to support the officer. I would personally like to thank him for his efforts in attempting to stop further crimes from being committed in our force area.”

Figures indicate from April 2016 to April 2017 there were 172 assaults on police officers recorded in Dyfed-Powys Police. In April 2018 to April 2019 this figure rose to 312 assaults on officers. While some of this increase could be attributable to changes in the way crimes are recorded, the increase is still significant.

“Police officers in Dyfed-Powys and across the country put themselves in danger every day when safeguarding our communities. When they put on their uniforms and start their shifts they do not know what awaits them each day, but no officer should have to endure abuse, violence and even death, as we have very sadly seen this week nationally.

“Assaults against police officers cannot be allowed to become the norm. I hope nothing like this happens in Dyfed-Powys again, but if it does, I will ensure those responsible are dealt with robustly.”

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