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Child hunger in Wales “a political choice” says Plaid Cymru

CHILD hunger in Wales is a “political choice”, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price has said after Labour Leader and First Minister Mark Drakeford refused to back extending free school meals once again.

Plaid Cymru’s Leader Adam Price has given the First Minister “one last opportunity” to extend the free school meal eligibility to include the 70,000 children living below the poverty line who are not currently eligible.

Figures from the Child Poverty Action Group show that over 70,000 children living below the UK poverty line in Wales are not currently eligible for free school meals.

Plaid Cymru has long made the case that eligibility should be extended to all children from homes in receipt of Universal Credit.

Mr Price confirmed that the Plaid Cymru manifesto will be fully costed and independently verified by two eminent economists Professor Gerry Holtham and Professor Brian Morgan.

Leader of Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price MS said,

“The dual messaging lately from Labour Welsh Government has given opportunity for more than one double take.

“As with so many policies – real living wage for carers, the north Wales medical school, and the youth job guarantee – what First Minister initially dismisses as ‘unaffordable, incredible or non-deliverable’ Plaid Cymru pipe dreams, are soon duplicated on the Welsh Labour manifesto.

“In that spirit of belated reconsideration I offered the First Minister one last chance to extend free school meals eligibility and was bitterly disappointed that he denied the chance for these 70,000 currently going hungry in school.

“The First Minister must not believe that feeding hungry children is affordable, credible or deliverable, so I offer the people of Wales a party that can and will deliver on this promise. The Plaid Cymru manifesto is fully costed and approved by not one but two eminent economists – that’s certainly worth a double take.”

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