January 25, 2021

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Christmas Day restrictions “unavoidable” says Adam Price MS

RESPONDING to the latest Coronavirus restrictions from Welsh Government, Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price MS said,

“With a worsening situation in Wales and clinicians warning the NHS will soon be overwhelmed, introducing further restrictions on Christmas Day is both unavoidable and the right thing to do – but it should be done on a regional basis to reflect local levels of Coronavirus cases. With many areas of the south already exceeding the Tier 4 threshold and the scientific advice indicating clearly that further restrictions are needed, Ministers must explain why it is delaying their introduction for another week.

“Given the mixed messaging from the Prime Minister and Westminster, the Welsh Government need to change the rules not just the guidance on household mixing at Christmas. Otherwise, it’s simply a recipe for confusion and poor adherence to the new policy.

“The sad reality at the moment is that we are lurching from one crisis to another with new lockdowns becoming unavoidable emergency measures due to the failure of Welsh Government policy. We will now need additional support for those people and businesses that will be hit hardest by these new restrictions. But above all we need a clear and consistent strategy which regains control of the virus and sets out a roadmap to reopening and recovery, giving people confidence and hope.

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