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MORE than 100,000 Cleddau Bridge tickets were returned for refunds – including one person who brought just one ticket back – after tolls were removed earlier this year.

Following a Welsh Government announcement to remove tolls from the bridge linking north and south Pembrokeshire, a £3million agreement with the county council was reached to cover lost revenue.

A Freedom of Information request shows that there were 109,420 tickets returned – with the toll set at 75p for cars – amounting to £72,361.

The tolls were removed on April 1 and local businesses have reported an increase in customer footfall since.

There was an initial spike in refunds following the council’s announcement that tickets could be returned which then remained steady in the run up to the June 30 deadline.

There was no further information held on the number of individuals or businesses who brought back tickets and in what quantities but one senior staff member said on the first day someone did return a single ticket.

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