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Closing Aberystwyth’s Window of Waste

ABERYSTWYTH town centre is provided with regular and reliable waste collection services. Unfortunately, some localised, seasonal issues continue to arise. One of the solutions to this is to close the Window of Waste!

The window of waste is the time between when waste is presented for collection and when it is actually collected. The longer the window of waste is open the more issues and problems that occur which includes the waste being ravaged by seagulls, other animals as well as the elements. This causes the problems that are experienced in some town centre locations mostly on and around waste collection days.

The County Council has been very proactive in Aberystwyth over recent years in introducing interventions and changes to waste collection arrangements with a view of addressing or improving long standing issues. These are currently being reviewed and include but are not limited to:

Additional early waste collections in the town centre to collect waste that has been presented too early.
Provision of wheelie bins on North Parade and heavy duty sacks at various streets to contain waste between the time it is presented and collected
Provision of free caddies and caddy liners for food waste and boxes for glass
Localised information provision
Closer working between Waste Collection and Street Cleaning teams
Closer monitoring
Ongoing liaison with residents and landlords
As part of Caru Ceredigion and Caru Aber all residents are encouraged to play their part in being part of the solution rather than the cause of the problem. This means working with us to ensure that:

Aber’s streets are kept clean and attractive at all times
Aber’s waste is dealt with in the most efficient way possible from a cost and environmental perspective
Aber remains a fantastic place to live and visit
Aber maintains the superb positive profile and image it deserves
We are asking all residents to help us close the window of waste by presenting the Right Waste in the Right Way and on the Right Day:

Right Waste: making full and proper use of the services provided for recycling and food waste which are collected every week
Right Way: presenting the waste in suitable containers, which includes the food caddies and glass boxes provided by the Council. A range of bins from wheelie bins to traditional bins are available from local outlets or online to store and present waste.
Right Day: waste should only be presented for collection by 08:00 on the day of collection.
Businesses are reminded that they have a legal responsibility to have trade waste arrangements in place for all the waste their business produces

For the size and nature of the town, Aberystwyth is a clean town, which contributes to its overall attractiveness as a fantastic place to live and visit. If this were not the case then so many local people and visitors would not hold it in such high regard.

For more information regarding Ceredigion County Council’s waste collection services, including a postcode finder, please visit www.ceredigion.gov.uk.


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