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Coaches and mentors invited to diversify using horses as co-workers

A South Wales based energy leadership coaching business is providing a unique way for fellow coaches, therapists, leaders and mentors to diversify their business using horses as co-workers to empower their client experience.

The offer, from Llanelli based Equis Coaching coincides with the emergence of numerous small business owners from a period of financial uncertainty during COVID-19. Lockdown has proved difficult for coaches and mentors who have had to adapt to supporting their clients online whilst social distancing is in place. Many coaches are concerned for their future and how quickly they’ll be able to bounce back from the impact.

Philippa Stanley, life, business and equine coach plus owner at Equis Coaching describes how their Train the Trainer programme enables coaching from a different perspective,

“Our Trainer the Trainer Horse Assisted Coaching course provides a unique opportunity for coaches to enhance their existing portfolio with something much more powerful than words. We enable coaches and mentors to inject new life into their offer, giving them an additional lifeline to remain sustainable for longer. The programme also provides time and space for coaches to recharge personally, so they can function with increased emotional strength and resilience in their work.”

Philippa explains how horses can guide self-development,

“Horse assisted coaching involves using a horse or horses to facilitate an intimate session in the natural environment to enable their client to discover who they really are and determine who they’d like to be. Horses mirror our internal feelings and are able to guide us through non-verbal energetic connection. They can prompt someone to recognise personal traits and emotions such as confidence, stress and anxiety, and to reflect on these findings to help increase emotional resilience.”

Philippa and her co-host Melanie Koenig (who travels from Frankfurt, Germany to deliver the course) will work closely with students through an intensive online and in-person learning experience, combining the theory of horse assisted coaching with practical exercises, equipping them with a toolkit to help clients find deeper connection. They will be launching the introductory webinars in September, followed by three days of farm based tuition and retreat-style activities in October, amid the stunning countryside of Llanelli in Carmarthenshire.

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