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Coal Authority update for Skewen residents who suffered flooding

THE Coal Authority has published an update for Skewen residents who have suffered flooding.

”We know that the mine flooding incident on 21 January 2021 had significant impacts on the village of Skewen and have every sympathy for those affected. Whilst the Coal Authority does not have legal liability for flooding from mine water we recognise the impacts on people’s homes and lives and continue to provide practical support wherever we can, within the bounds of the legislation and guidance we have to operate within.

”On the 31st January 2021, we put in place a package of support based on (1) the clean-up of gardens and outdoor areas and (2) help in reinstating gardens and outside areas back to how they were before the incident. The second point was capped at £500 (plus VAT) of materials and reasonable labour.

”Since we launched this policy we have continued to listen to your feedback through the resident’s line, on the ground and at the residents and street meetings we have held. For example, we have already extended the clean-up to include clearing private drains based on your feedback. At the same time, we have used information from the clean-up work to better understand the range of impacts across people’s gardens and outside areas. You have also been providing information on what work needs to be done using direct feedback and by completing our garden reinstatement form.

”We have now completed a review of all this information and are changing the cap for garden reinstatement from £500 (plus VAT) to a maximum of £2000 (plus VAT) on a like for like basis. This can be used for things like fence panels, grass, gravel and patching holes or cracks in driveways or replacing damaged garden furniture or play equipment. Reasonable labour to undertake the work will still be provided. Our review shows that this should reinstate the majority of gardens.

”You can see the full details of the updated policy at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/policy-on-skewen-flooding-response-support and we will shortly update it on the Neath Port Talbot Council website. You can discuss any questions with our resident’s helpline 0800 2884268, by emailing customerservice@coal.gov.uk or with our Community Liaison Officer Melanie Beynon on site. Residents who have not yet claimed should complete our claim form, which can be found by clicking here. If you’ve already submitted a claim form you can review or amend it by contacting us through the resident’s helpline.

”We will progress the reinstatement work as quickly as possible to enable those who can enjoy your gardens this summer. The support policy will remain in place for a minimum of 12 months to help those who will be out of their homes for longer.”

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