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Coal Authority updates Skewen flood residents on remediation work and pedestrian access

IN a statement, the Coal Authority says:

“Over the last week, we have been carrying out further excavation works at the location of the mineshaft and you may have noticed the larger vehicles and machinery at the site.

This work is progressing well and has allowed us to undertake the specialist subsurface sonar survey. This will provide additional information to inform our designs for the remediation of the Goshen Park junction and the permanent mine water management system.

British Telecom has also been on-site to relocate their cabling within the junction area. If you experience any issues with your BT Service please contact their customer services on 0800 800150.

At our public meeting in February, we said that we hoped to complete phase 1 works (remediating the mineshaft to allow the Goshen Park junction to reopen) within 3 months and phase 2 (construction of the permanent mine water management scheme) within 6 months.

Unfortunately, we have faced some delays to phase 1 due to the BT industrial action, completing property purchases and agreeing on how we manage the excavation works with Natural Resources Wales. We expect to complete phase 1 work by the beginning of June and phase 2 works by the end of August. We will continue to keep you updated on timescales as the works progress.

Last week Western Power removed the final generator meaning all properties in the area are back on a cabled power supply. If you have any queries regarding your electricity supply, please contact Western Power Customer Services on 0800 096 3080 or visit their website https://www.westernpower.co.uk/

The removal of the generator means we can begin work on the temporary pedestrian route to the rear of 1 Goshen Park to allow pedestrian access through to the Highlands. We aim to have this completed by the end of the Easter School holidays.”

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