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A COFFEE initiative was launched today, Saturday (May 18) in an attempt to show how generous Llanelli might be.

A local woman who wishes to remain anonymous (we will call her Miss B) contacted Wales News Online earlier today and told us that the idea had come from talking with her young daughter who came up with an idea she calls “Coffee Forward Llanelli.”

As a result the Miss B went to the coffee shops in Llanelli and pre-paid for a few cups of coffee for the next customer. The next person can then either have the free coffee, simply pay for their own or if they like pre-pay for a further coffee to add to the free coffees available.

On Wednesday 22nd of May Miss B and the coffee shops will advertise the number of free coffees, which might be left available to the homeless who can then claim them. Miss B said: “I hope Llanelli will show its generosity and support this idea to help people who are living on the streets locally. Let’s all forward a coffee to the homeless.”

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