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Collaboration between council and housing association aims to increase number of available new homes

COLLABORATION between the council and housing associations will be developed to increase the number of new homes available across Pembrokeshire.

Cllr Michelle Bateman said a “method to work in partnership with housing association to assist the development of housing stock in Pembrokeshire” was being drawn up.

She told cabinet on Monday (November 4) that the collaborative work would not replace or compensate for the authority’s construction programme.

Cllr Paul Miller added that it had been a “frustrating time getting house building going” but progress was beginning to be seen along with the “step in the right direction of partnership working.”

Council leader Cllr David Simpson agreed it was frustrating that no houses had been built after two and half years but this was soon to change.

He, and Cllr Bateman, said there was no need to be “precious” about who delivered the homes – they just needed to be built.

Cabinet agreed to delegate to the head of economic development and
regeneration to take the next steps to develop detailed proposals and basis for the collaboration.

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