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THE removal of public toilets at Burry Port harbour has been described as “totally objectionable” by two councillors who have started a petition.

John James and Amanda Fox said the closure was affecting the elderly, young children, disabled people and mums-to-be.

But Carmarthenshire Council said the toilets – near the former lifeboat station – had been targeted by vandals, and that public toilets just across the harbour were due to be upgraded within the next 12 months.

Cllrs James and Fox, who represent Burry Port, said they launched the petition after efforts to get the closure decision reversed were unsuccessful.

In a joint statement, they said: “A key factor is that the public are not asking for additional toilets, they are requesting that the ones removed be replaced.

“We have an ageing population that suffer from the ailments that come in later life, and readily available toilets play a very important part in ensuring they can cope with these needs in a proper and dignified manner.

“But it’s not just the elderly that this action impacts upon. Other vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, children and people with disabilities, as well as their carers, are also affected.”

They said the county council was doing much to broaden the appeal of Burry Port.

“So it’s a shame that the removal of these toilets is causing so much resentment and consternation when there are so many positive things happening and planned for the Burry Port harbour area,” added their statement.

The duo urged people to sign the petition to show their dissatisfaction “at this totally objectionable action”.

In response, Ian Jones, the council’s head of leisure, said: “The toilets on the east side of the harbour were removed by the council after a number of incidents of vandalism.

“We are in the process of looking into options for alternate provision, however, there are toilet facilities within a five-minute walk on the other side of the harbour.

“These are due to be upgraded over the next 12 months.”

Mr Jones added: “It is also hoped that the investment into the new harbour office and cafe will provide additional provision.”

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