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A ROW of properties that mark the beginning of Mumbles could become part of an expanded conservation area.

The 30-plus properties along Mumbles Road, which include the Mumtaz restaurant, face the bay and are considered to have a special character and interest.

A public consultation will now take place about adding them to Mumbles Conservation Area, with a report then to be brought for final approval by Swansea Council’s planning committee.

If the properties are added, it will not prevent alterations being carried out on them, or only traditional designs are allowed.

It will mean there is a greater level of design and development control.

Councillor Des Thomas backed the proposal when it was introduced at a planning committee meeting on November 5.

“It is the approach to Mumbles,” he said.

He also wondered if the colour of the properties would be governed, with a view to trying to replicate Tenby’s colourful seaside look.

“I’ve been trying to encourage Mumbles Community Council to run a scheme that would promote the use of a certain palette of colours,” said Cllr Thomas.

“It would just enhance the area. There’s no reason why Mumbles should not be the same [as Tenby].”

A council officer said this might be something which the authorities could promote, but that there were no controls over a property’s colour.

A few years ago one or two Mumbles residents painted their houses in the Tenby style and encouraged people on their street to follow suit.

Swansea has 31 conservation areas, with Mumbles first designated in 1969. It covers the seafront between Oyster Wharf and Knab Rock and extends back for much of it.

The council officer said there was strong public support for the addition of the 30-plus Mumbles Road properties to the conservation area, based on the results of a consultation last year.

Speaking after the meeting, Mumbles Community Council chairwoman Carrie Townsend Jones said the Tenby-style colour scheme was not something it had specifically discussed.

“Once we are aware of the full details of the final delineation of the conservation area, it could be something we would want to look at,” she said.

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