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A Tory pledge to “cut VAT” to tourism businesses is the “lowest form of inaccurate electioneering” and proves that the Tories are back to their “misleading and manipulating best” Plaid Cymru election campaign director Liz Saville Roberts MP said.

VAT is not a devolved area and in an embarrassing climbdown, the Welsh Conservative social media account was forced to admit that this in fact isn’t a VAT cut.

Liz Saville Roberts MP said:

“This proves that the Conservatives are back to their misleading and manipulating best. The Conservatives wouldn’t in fact be cutting VAT at all in Wales if elected as the next Government because they can’t. Their narrow-minded belief that Westminster serves us best has seen to that.

If they were serious about helping Welsh Tourism businesses, the Conservative government would fund a long term VAT cut through the UK Treasury.

Instead Andrew RT Davies has sanctioned the lowest level of inaccurate electioneering. Businesses will see through this empty promise which confirms again why the Tory party and their habit of being economical with the truth are unfit to be anywhere near the seat of power in Wales.”

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