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Consultation on Public Space Protection Order in Conwy town

CONWY Council is asking people to have their say on the introduction of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in Conwy Town following a change in the law.

The consultation is open for 6 weeks from 14 March until 25 April.

Up until 2020 the town was covered by a Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) which allowed Police to request people to stop drinking alcohol or enabled them to confiscate alcohol if it was felt it was linked to anti-social behaviour in open spaces. The law that allowed DPPOs has been replaced by new legislation, and now Conwy County Borough Council and North Wales Police want to introduce the PSPO under the new regulations to allow similar action to be taken if necessary.

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If the Order is introduced it will mean that anyone who refuses to stop drinking alcohol, or who refuses to surrender alcohol when required to by a Police Officer or PCSO, will be liable for a fine or a Fixed Penalty Notice. The Order won’t impose a ‘no-drinking zone’ in the town.

The PSPO would cover the area of Conwy town, including the High Street, Quay, train station and Bodlondeb park.


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