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Conwy Police Station, located in Lancaster Square, was built in the 1860s. It is a Grade 2 listed building that has been an operational Police Station for an amazing 162 years. For over a decade, the station has been occupied by Conwy Neighbourhood Policing Team who, at maximum capacity consists of seven officers. Due to the size, age and work required on the building; the difficult decision has been made to sell it and relocate the team to Rose Hill Street, just down the road.

The station closed its doors 19th May 2022 and after being surveyed and valued will be sold on the open market. As it is a listed building, local residents needn’t fear; it will be around for a long time to come and will remain a prominent spot in the town centre. At present there are no set plans for the building as it hasn’t yet been sold.

In April, Chief Constable Carl Foulkes, Police and Crime Commissioner Andy Dunbobbin and Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Wayne Jones attended the station to meet with the last policing team to work in the building. Police and Crime Commissioner Andy Dunbobbin said “The old Conwy Police Station has been at the heart of the town for over a hundred and fifty years and has a proud history as the centre of policing in the area. It has seen generations of dedicated police officers, staff and volunteers pass through its doors in the service of the people of Conwy and the surrounding area. As the building closes its doors for the final time, this commitment and depth of service will not change. But as the way we police evolves, so must the places where our people carry out their duties. The move round the corner to a modern base in Rose Hill Street will offer all the facilities that residents need to access services and contact the police, while also giving officers, staff and volunteers the modern space they need to carry out their vital role in keeping our streets safe and residents secure.”

This isn’t a decision that has been taken lightly and many officers and staff both past and present who’ve worked for North Wales Police will have very fond memories of Conwy Police Station. One of whom is Sergeant Kimberley Owen who said “Conwy Police station has a lot of great memories for me personally from working here on numerous occasions during my police service. From 1997 as a Special Constable to working back here in 2003 as a Police Officer and now being the local Neighbourhood Sergeant for Conwy in 2022. It will be sad to see the station finally closing its doors and being decommissioned, but I am pleased that we have manged to secure new premises within Conwy town and will be remaining in the area.”

Conwy Neighbourhood Policing Team have re-located to the Mauriau Building, above the Tourist Information Centre on Rose Hill Street, just a few minutes’ walk down the road. They’ve also taken the iconic Police light from the front of the building with them!

As a force, North Wales Police will be sad to see the end of this era with Conwy Police Station, however the change will allow us to provide a better quality of service to the public, more suited to modern day policing.

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