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A rubble-strewn filling station in Swansea will finally be cleared up and developed.

Council planning officers have approved an application for five flats and a retail unit at the former Terminus garage in Sketty.

Previous applications for a higher six-flat scheme and, before that, a hand car wash business at the Eversley Road site were refused.

The triangular patch of land has been fenced off for a couple of years and dotted with mounds of smashed concrete .

Ruth Gilligan, the owner of Gilligan’s Restaurant opposite, said customers often commented on the state of the land.

“It really is dreadful,” she said. “People walking past just stop and shake their heads.

“I am pleased something is going to be built there – anything is better than it is now.”

But she said she expected some loss of light once the two-storey building, which will have an attic penthouse, is built.

“I won’t be able to see the (St Paul’s) church steeple over the road,” she said.

Mandy Williams, the manager of bridalwear shop 102 Couture next door, said she was also relieved that the site would be developed.

“It is an eyesore as it is now,” she said.

Four of the new flats will be one-bedroom, while one will have two bedrooms.

There will be six dedicated parking spaces – five for the flats and one for the retail unit.

Planning officers said the two ground floor flats would have a “poor outlook” but said overall the accommodation was acceptable.

Before the flats are occupied, the developer will have to survey the culvert serving the site and repair any defects to the council’s satisfaction.

Noise mitigation measures will also have to be implemented to ensure that occupants of the flats aren’t unduly affected by the Shell garage to the rear.

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