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Council development plans for Mynyddmawr haven of peace ‘not sensitive’ to environment’ claim residents

The development of the Mynyddmawr Mawr Woodland Park into an urban sports area has not hit the heights with local residents.

Residents claim that the proposed £500,000 Urban Sports Park was originally intended for a site in Tumble but residents of Tumble objected to its location and rejected the development.

Residents claim that the Community Council has (without any prior public consultation) proposed a location in Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park and the development is now progressing through the Planning Application process in Carmarthenshire County Council, PL/02363.

There is also disharmony over the impact it may have on the peace and tranquility and local flora and fauna. Residents say that the proposed location is on a well-loved and popular circular route around the Meadow area, a wildflower haven and a rare nesting site for Skylarks. They say that it is valued by its many visitors for its peace and tranquillity and the opportunity to enjoy the natural environment.

The connection between physical and mental health, and natural green space is by now well recognised, as noted in the ‘Carmarthenshire Well-being Plan: The Carmarthenshire We Want – 2018-2023’

During the pandemic the Country Park has been particularly appreciated by visitors.

Residents claim that there is sufficient room to locate the Urban Sports Park within the Country Park, but it should be in an area that enhances the park and doesn’t detract from a well-used and well-loved area.

There are large areas of the Woodland Park which have fallen into disrepair due to neglect and lack of investment e.g. the Mountain bike track which is hardly used. These are the areas of the park residents claim needs regeneration and that could benefit from a development of this kind.

A description on Carmarthenshire County Council Website of Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park states:

‘Nature has created a wildlife paradise at Mynydd Mawr.’

Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council, Cllr Emlyn Dole, said: “Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park is a park for everyone – there is enough room for all, and plenty of ways we can sensitively develop underused areas that are not ecologically sensitive.

“The proposed skatepark would be making use of an area that has previously been developed but is no longer in use. The planning process is thorough and allows for extensive consultation and also provides an opportunity for ecological surveys and feedback – we welcome the views of the community, park users and stakeholders as part of this process.

“I have been working with this committed group of young people for a while – they have stepped up to every challenge with enthusiasm and dedication. They have co-designed this facility alongside our team, holding sessions and workshops to listen to the community and mitigate concerns and are to be commended.

“We are often told that there is not enough for young people to do locally, driving them towards anti-social behaviour out of boredom. Here is an opportunity to provide a purpose-made facility that is so deserved by our young community, giving them an outlet for their energy which will no doubt be inspired by the fantastic success we have just witnessed by young sport stars in the Olympic Games.”

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