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PEMBROKESHIRE County Council is leading a bid for £4.5million to create a ‘Milford Haven Energy Kingdom’.

Cabinet is set to provide retrospective permission for the bid to the Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund (ICSF) as part of  its‘Prospering from the Energy
Revolution Detailed Design of Smart Local Energy Systems’ fund.

A report to cabinet on Monday (September 9) states that the deadline for submission was early August and it was not possible to gain cabinet approval prior to that but it was supported by the leader and relevant cabinet member.

The funding, which requires no match funding from the council, is to develop a business case for an ‘energy kindgom’ by 2022 but not implementation.

The report adds that the total bid was £4.5million with “the actual request from the ISCF is £2.05m with £2.45m match funding pledged from bid partners (Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (OREC), Port of Milford Haven, Riversimple Hydrogen, and Wales and West Utilities).”

The project would expand a plan to create a carbon neutral zone in Milford Have’s waterfront and a detailed design project would focus on “developing
diverse, local seed markets to support the transition, to hydrogen and renewables, of the cluster of major energy infrastructure along the Milford Haven Waterway.”

Funding for the business case will focus on decarbonisation of transport, decarbonisation of heating, local hydrogen energy system balancing/trading
and creating markets for co-benefits such as reducing transport poverty and improving air quality.


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