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Council paid out £115,000 in personal injury claims in last five years

CEREDIGION County Council has paid out more than £115,000 in personal injury compensation claims in the last five years but just one case makes up a large chunk.

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that someone received a £75,000 pay-out after tripping on a pavement on Christmas Eve in 2014.

The second highest payout was also in 2014 with £15,553 after the council accepted liability when some tripped in a gap between a road and rain gutter in August.

The lowest amount paid was £162 to someone injured when a chair collapsed on January 30, 2018, although the claim was initially denied.

Tripping on pavements were the most frequent claims with 23 over the five years, including 12 in 2017, but only two resulted in payouts. A further eight cases remain open.

A payment of £2,954 was made to a person who tripped over a vacuum cleaner cable in 2018.

Two other significant payments were £6,174 to someone hit in the face by a pupil on November 11, 2015 and £6,475 following an incident where someone was hit by the loose head of a hammer.

Claims repudiated or denied include a motorbike skidding on sand and another which hit a pothole; falling down steps; an alleged push by an employee causing a fall; trips over metal chain hidden in grass; loose fencing; traffic counter cable and a pothole as well as someone claiming for being hit by a wheelie bin in the face.

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