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Council to pay Local Government Association £7,000 for peer review

A ‘Corporate Peer Challenge’ review will be carried out at Pembrokeshire County Council next year at a cost of more than £7,000.

In February a team of people from the Local Government Association and Welsh Local Government Association, as well as councillors and senior officers from other authorities will consider five core components “under an ‘umbrella’ of ‘what transformation means in a Pembrokeshire context’.”

Cabinet approved the proposed work, with fieldwork planned for February 11 to 14, at its meeting on December 2.

A report to cabinet states that the cost will be £7,000 plus reasonable travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.

Corporate Peer Challenge teams typically hold around 40 meetings or events, talk to 120 people and require around 270 hours of input from the team, it adds.

The five areas of focus are understanding of the local place and priority setting, leadership of place, organisational leadership and governance, financial planning and viability and capacity to deliver.

A proposal for the review was first discussed in September and developed from there in a bid to provide “greater insight into how the Authority can improve through an assessment of its leadership, governance, resources and capacity.”

Feedback and an action will be published following the work.

Cabinet also agreed that the Local Government Association be engaged to carry out a Corporate Peer Challenge of communication services in March 2020.

This follows a overview and scrutiny recommendation that no decision on spending £100,000 on new communication staff be approved until an overall strategy was agreed.

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