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Councillor questions cost of rubbish collection from second homes paying non domestic rates

HOW much money is lost collecting rubbish from second homes used for holiday lets paying Non Domestic Rates?

Pembrokeshire County Council’s Mark Carter has submitted questions on waste services for second homes and holiday lettings to next week’s full council meeting on May 9.

He claims that many former domestic properties that are now used for holiday lettings “are still presenting black bags for kerbside collection and hence are cheating the system but not having a waste agreement in place with the council or other company acting as a refuse collector.”

Cllr Carter believes more properties will be transferred to Non Domestic Rates following the recent council tax rise.

He asks:  Can the relevant Cabinet member provide a figure for how many holiday lets are disposing of their refuse in the correct manner as a percentage of the whole number of former domestic properties that have transferred in recent years to NDR?

“What strategy PCC has to increase the percentage of properties that dispose their waste in the correct manner?

“Considering this loss of revenue, how much revenue does PCC lose each year by providing a “free trade waste service ” to these properties?”

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