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A councillor has raised concerns over drink spiking in pubs and clubs.

In a Performance Scrutiny Committee, held on Monday, November 15, Labour councillor Yvonne Forsey called for Newport City Council’s app to have a function where complaints can be made about “dangerous behaviour” in Newport.

Incidents of drink spiking are on the rise in venues across Wales.

Cllr Forsey, who represents the Rogerstone ward, said: “Some businesses are being responsible by providing drink covers, and some are not.”

Independent councillor Chris Evans, chair of the committee said his ward colleague Cllr Forsey had an “incredibly strong” point.

Gareth Price, head of law and regulation at the council, said he was happy to look in to the matter.

Mr Price added that the council’s app is currently used to report noise complaints, so it should be possible to accommodate Cllr Forsey’s request.

Cllr Forsey recommended that the licencing department at the council collect data from the complaints on the app and respond accordingly.

Mr Price added: “Drink spiking is a criminal act, but we can look at it in terms of licencing.”

Newport City Council’s licencing department work with Gwent police to monitor licenced premises.

Mr Price said the council are currently undertaking routine inspections of licenced premises, and it will take “sufficient action if they are not satisfactory”.

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