Pontyberem and Bancffosfelen County Councillor Liam Bowen has expressed his gratitude and pride as residents come together to support each other amidst COVID-19 uncertainty.

Cllr Liam Bowen, the youngest County Councillor in Carmarthenshire stated:

“I’ve always been proud of my roots and honoured to represent my community in Pontyberem and Bancffosfelen. But this week has taken that pride to another level.
“As uncertainty surrounds us, and the news gets more worrying every day, this community has stood up, come together and made sure that nobody is left without support.

“From day one, pubs were offering takeaway meals, The’Cwtsh’ café has been delivering Meals on Wheels, teachers have been giving up their time to create online resources for children, the response has been extraordinary.

“On Friday morning, we wrote and printed letters for every member of the community with my, and the Community Council’s numbers on them, should anyone need any support while self-isolating. By Friday afternoon, we had volunteers across the village delivering the letters, ensuring that everyone had access to support should they need it.

“We now have a network of volunteers across Pontyberem and Bancffosfelen who will be available to help residents with shopping, picking-up medication, walking pets or even if people are just looking for a chat.
“These are deeply troubling times and none of us know how long it will last. But the people of Pontyberem and Bancffosfelen have shown that by working together, we can keep the community spirit alive. Thank you to all those who have offered their support. Diolch.”

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