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Councillor’s concern over second home owners “from over the border” visiting Ceredigion

CEREDIGION councillor Paul Hinge has asked, what measures will be in place to stop home owners “from over the border” visiting second homes, as covid travel restrictions are eased.

Ceredigion County Council leader Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn updated councillors at full council on Friday (March 5) on the current covid-19 situation in the county which has seen just 14 new cases in the last seven days – 199.3 per 100,000 the lowest rate in Wales.

In response to her news that the Welsh Government were looking to ease travel restrictions soon with the possibility of travel within Wales only by Easter, Cllr Paul Hinge asked what would be done to deter those from “more heavily infected areas.”

He said: “What we don’t need is people abusing the fact that they need to relieve their drudgery of having to be at home by coming over the border. What measure are being taken so we can feel safe here in Wales?”

He said it was a worry in his ward Tirymynach which was still seeing visitors coming in.

Cllr ap Gwynn said questions had been asked about travelling distances and the ‘stay at home’ message remained, before moving to “stay local and then stay in Wales.”

People in England are also required to stay in their local areas, although “some take a chance” she said, “some are caught, and some others do arrive.”

If they are in their own property there is nothing the police can do, Cllr ap Gwynn said, adding “it’s a very difficult situation and it hasn’t changed since the last time I’m afraid.”

Aberaeron councillor Elizabeth Evans raised the issue of home insurance being invalid if a property is not visited in a set time period, adding that what can be controlled is taking “responsibility in ensuring our communities are as safe as they can be.”

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