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ONE of Ceredigion’s “major risks” is coastal erosion and flooding with a report on how it is monitored due for discussion.

The thriving communities overview and scrutiny committee will focus on how the county council manages and maintains its 12km of artificial coastal defences at its meeting on June 27.

A report to the committee states that coastal erosion and flood incidents are included on the corporate risk register as “one of the major risks facing our residents, communities and major infrastructure in the face of climate change and the predicted increase in storm events.”

More than 12km of Ceredigion’s coast features sea walls, breakwaters, groynes, rock revetments and other coastal defences to protect coastal communities and infrastructure.

The report adds that there is a further 84km of coastline that is privately owned and it is a landowner’s responsibility to protect themselves from erosion and flooding.

Defences at Aberystwyth are being developed as well as plans for Aberaeron, Borth and Llangrannog with these also due for discussion at Thursday’s meeting.

Ceredigion is working with other local authorities in the development of a West of Wales Shoreline Management Plan to quantify the risk to coastal communities.

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