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A unique online digital archive containing material documenting hundreds of people’s experiences of Covid-19 will be launched at Swansea University on March 23 – the anniversary of the first UK lockdown.

Back in March last year Dr Michael Ward instantly realised the importance of the impact the first lockdown would have on society so launched his CoronaDiaries project. He invited people to share their experiences – in whatever form- during the pandemic.

Since then he’s received more than 700 first-hand accounts – ranging from handwritten notebooks, diaries and dream logs to videos, social media posts, Tik Toks, music playlists and even a cross-stitch sampler – chronicle the 12 months of the pandemic from close to 200 participants.

Now a team of student volunteers is now assisting him to prepare the documents for public viewing in an online digital archive, which will be supported by a physical collection held at the University’s Richard Burton Archives.

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