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PLANS for a holiday park near Caersws, close to where a Crematorium could be built, have been approved by planners.

Farmer Jack Woosnam, has successfully applied to build a holiday park development including infrastructure at “Cwmhafren Field,” Ael y Bryn, on the B4568 road between Caersws and Aberhafesp.

The holiday park development would be for 35 holiday units in total and included vehicle access from the B4568 highway and drainage treatment plant.

The site is 3.7miles away from Newtown, and just under a mile away from Caersws.

The proposal is part of a list of decisions taken by planning officers which will be noted by councillors at tomorrow’s planning committee meeting (Thursday, July 1).

In a Design and Access Statement, agent Christopher Wozencraft, of Wozencraft Design Services, said: “The applicant is married with three children and has decided to invest in a farm diversification project as the farm holding is relatively modest at 70 acres.

“He also runs a small general garden maintenance, fencing, and tree planting business.”

He explains that holiday developments in Mid Wales have become and “driver” contributing significantly to the local economy.

Mr Wozencraft added: “The site requires little physical intervention in terms of modelling or re-grading.

“Which ensures its natural contours allow the chalets to nestle into the landscape and thereby giving “Cwmhafren Holiday Park” a unique identity particularly in terms of promotion and advertising so important to the success of the venture.”

Meanwhile, the Welsh Government is still mulling over the crematorium application.

Powys Crematorium Limited wants to build an all-new crematorium at a 13.66-hectare site north of the B4568 road at Ael Y Bryn between Caersws and Aberhafesp.

Councillors on Powys County Council’s planning committee gave it the green light in May.

County councillor for Dolforwyn, Cllr Gareth Pugh (Conservative), is registered as the only company director for Powys Crematorium Limited on the Companies House website and had to leave the planning meeting while the application was discussed.

Further calls have been made locally on the Welsh Government to take over the application.

A petition to reject the crematorium has been started by the residents of nearby Aberhafesb which lies between Caersws and Newtown.

If the Welsh Government don’t call the application in, the planning committee’s decision to approve will come into force.


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