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‘Dangerous structure’ notice placed on town centre block of flats

LOCAL residents have expressed concerns for the safety of the structure of a block of flats in Princess Court, Llanelli.

The flats have been described as being a ‘dangerous structure’ with lead and tiles hanging off the 3 storey building.

Mrs. Clarke of Erw Road, Llanelli contacted Llanelli Online and Wales News Online claiming that the items hanging off the building  could be a danger to pedestrians particularly the elderly and children.

She told us: “There is a large section of metal cladding hanging over the pavement.”

Mrs. Clarke says that she spoke to her local councillor John Jenkins regarding her concerns.

Mrs. Clarke went on to say that Cllr Jenkins contacted Public Protection at Carmarthenshire County Council and reported the problem and that a week later the council attended and blocked the pavement, outside the building, with a barrier and sandbags.

Mrs. Clarke said: “The complaint was made to the Council on the 4th of October and to date, the repairs remain outstanding and the barrier is still blocking the pavement. The road, itself, is narrow with blind bends.

“Leaving the pavement closed is not a sufficient repair.

“I cannot understand why the repairs have not been undertaken properly. Does someone have to be hurt or worse before something is done?”

Tim Forrester of Forrester Estate Agents is the administrator of the Princess Court Fund. He told us that his only responsibility was the ‘common areas of the Court’ e.g. lighting, courtyard, car park etc.

Mr Forrester explained: “The flats were originally built and sold for freehold and then sold on as leasehold. The leaseholders may have also sold on their leases too.

“It is very difficult to trace the original owners”

He added: “Although it is over and above my duty, I have sent out letters to all known leaseholders of the flats. I have explained that the dangerous structure notice has been issued. I have done all I can reasonably do.

“The leaseholders have in the past changed the windows to PVC windows.

“We were not consulted or asked permission for the changes by the owners. The damage to the lead and tiles around the windows has been as a result of the window changes.

“It has nothing to do with me as the administrator of the Princess Court fund.”

Mr. Steve Pound of Carmarthenshire County Council has also been made aware of the situation.

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