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AS a consultation begins on changes to day centre services for elderly and disabled people, residents are being urged to have their say.

Pembrokeshire County Council is consulting on its proposed “hub and spoke model” with the potential closure of any current day centres still unknown.

It also remains unclear whether any jobs would be lost or what the potential cost savings will be.

A council spokesman said: “The proposed hub and spoke model for delivering day opportunities in Pembrokeshire is very much in its formative stages and will continue to emerge as we work through the consultation.

“We are taking a co-productive approach to developing a new model with customers, families, carers, service providers and staff and as such we do not yet know what the final model will look like.”

A ‘Transforming Day Opportunites’ page is available on the council’s website which includes a link to a list of frequently asked questions – pembrokeshire.gov.uk/transforming-day/frequently-asked-questions-transforming-pembs .

The council worked with consultant company Peopletoo to develop the model and held “co-production events” with services users earlier this year.

The council said the cost of the work was “commercially sensitive information” but had  been “subject to a competitive tendering process.”

The council said that the overall aims of the project include a “model of delivering day opportunities that enables people to achieve their own individual outcomes and aspirations” as well as “improved quality of facilities and services for customers, their families and carers.”

There would be improved access to services, “community resourcefulness” more choice, greater value for money and sustainability, say the council.

It includes the council working with the health board, independent and voluntary sectors as well as citizens.

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