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A DECISION has been delayed on whether 240 homes in the countryside near Llantwit Major should be given approval.

The Welsh Government is applying for planning permission to build the 240 homes on two sites of farmland to the east of the town, just south of the newly built Northern Access Road.

The Vale of Glamorgan council’s planning committee was due to vote on Wednesday, February 24 on whether to approve planning permission.

But a last-minute delay means the decision has been deferred, for at least another month.

The delay was due to new national planning rules published on the same day by the Welsh Government.

‘Future Wales: the national plan 2040’ sets out how development should take place across Wales, and will impact how local planning committees decide which developments to let go ahead and which to refuse permission.

Councillor Jonathan Bird, chair of the planning committee, said:

“The first two applications have been requested to be deferred due to planning updates and the [new planning guidance] that has just launched.”

The plans have drawn criticism from locals including Llantwit Major town council and Llanmaes community council, due to the loss of open countryside and the increasing burden on local infrastructure.

It is anticipated that the plans will be voted on likely at the next planning committee meeting, on March 24.

The homes would be built on land off the newly built Northern Access Road, which is also known as Ffordd Bro Tathan. The new road was built in 2018 and 2019, running from the B4265 north of Boverton to the St Athan enterprise zone and Aston Martin factory.

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