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Decision on funding repairs for B5605 ‘hopefully’ made ahead of May’s local elections says First Minister

A DECISION on funding for repairs to a road in Wrexham which was severely damaged by a landslide could be made by next month, it’s been revealed.

The B5605 between Newbridge and Cefn Mawr has been closed since January 2021, when heavy downpours caused part of it to collapse down an embankment during Storm Christoph.

It has led to more than a year of frustration for residents living nearby, who have been forced to take lengthy diversions to get to work or school.

Wrexham Council previously estimated up to £1m could be required to fix the road, with further damage occurring since the storm.

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The local authority recently submitted a bid to the Welsh Government for money to allow the repairs to take place.

First Minister Mark Drakeford has now announced a decision will hopefully be made ahead of May’s local elections.

His comments were made following a request for an update on the situation from Clwyd South MS Ken Skates.

Speaking in the Senedd Tuesday, 8 March Mr Drakeford said:

“I’m very happy to confirm that, as a result of the help provided to the county borough council, an application has now been received from Wrexham Council.

“I entirely understand the need for speed in this matter, both the importance of the issue itself and the impact of that road being closed.

“But we are keen, if we can, to be able to make decisions in advance of the local government election period, so that officers of local authorities can get on with the work that they would then be able to carry out.

“I recognise the enormous effort made by the member on behalf of his constituents in this matter, and the case he has made for a positive decision.

“A decision on the application is with ministers, and I can’t anticipate it, but I am certainly able to assure him that the efforts that he has made, and the case that he has promoted, have certainly been heard.”

There have been repeated calls for the government to bring an end to the disruption by announcing funding to repair the road.

Last year, council leader Mark Pritchard hit out at the ongoing wait for money after claiming it was evidence of a “north-south divide” in Wales.

Investigation work was later carried out to assess the extent of the work required after £175,000 was made available by ministers.

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