September 27, 2021

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Denbighshire residents wait up to six weeks for bulk waste collections

WAITS of up to six weeks to get bulky items such as old fridges and sofas collected by a local authority “will cause more fly-tipping”, says a councillor.

That’s the stark warning from Denbighshire councillor Glenn Swingler after householders in the county awaiting bulky waste items collections were informed of the delays via the council’s website.

A spokesman for Denbighshire council said national driver shortages and staff self-isolating because of Covid were to blame for the problem and a private contractor had been engaged to try to reduce the backlog.

It left the county’s residents, who need to dispose of large household goods, in a difficult position as they will have to keep them for longer – a particular problem given the boom in the housing market.

Cllr Swingler said the authority would have to pick up the goods one way or another.

He said: “I’m not surprised it’s taking that long to collect because of everything going on but it will automatically lead to more fly-tipping.

“I’d like to know