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A councillor has expressed “growing concern” a road is in danger of sliding into a local river, just as its predecessor did around 50 years ago.

Abbey Road in Rhuddlan peters out into a lane with a caravan park and rolling green fields on one side and a bank leading down to the River Clwyd on the other.

At the end of the lane going from the town is the only access to a working farm.

However, despite its idyllic setting next to the tree-lined Afon Clwyd the road is in danger of disappearing according to the area’s Denbighshire county councillor Anne Davies.

It’s not a new phenomenon as the original road disappeared in the River Clwyd around 50 years ago – and the erosion has continued.

Denbighshire council has already shored up one section, driving reinforced concrete piles deep in the bank.

The land once connected to it has all but fallen away and fears are mounting a second area of road is also threatened, nearer to Rhuddlan.

Cllr Davies said: “I have lived in the area for more than 50 years and can recall many trees and the original road disappeared into the river some 50 years ago.

“There is growing concern amongst residents and businesses the present road may only have a life span of approximately five years.

“This road is the only means of access/egress, for many in the area.

“I have had several site meetings with officers from Denbighshire county council who are aware of the natural erosion along this stretch of road by the river, are monitoring it closely and will decide on any remedial work.”

Cllr Davies said she fears a couple of big storms could accelerate the issue after several parts of the banks subsided over recent weeks.

The original road once belonged to the Langfords of Bodrhyddan Hall but it was adopted by the then district council and remains the county authority’s responsibility.

Denbighshire council’s lead member for waste, transport and environment, Cllr Brian Jones, confirmed officers were keeping an eye on developments.

He said: “

Work was done there previously to shore up the road. Denbighshire county council is aware of the situation and officers have got it on their radar.

“The council is monitoring it as it’s monitoring other types of corrosion across the highways – but ultimately it comes back to funding.”

Cllr Brian Jones

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