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YOUNG people living in Llanelli’s Tyisha ward are proud of it and want to live there when they’re older, a leading councilor has said.

Carmarthenshire Council’s executive board has approved a £9 million plan to revitalise the ward, which includes Station Road.

The plan comprises short-term actions and long-term ambition for the county’s most deprived ward.

Executive board member for education and children, Glynog Davies, welcomed the Tyisha scheme.

“It is a disadvantaged area, and everybody realises that,” he said.

“I visit a relatively new school in that area, Pen Rhos, and it’s a school we can be very proud of.

“The children there are lovely and are very, very proud of their community.
They all want to stay. Their roots are there.”

He added: “We want to move another school to that area. That’s why it’s very important for us to see this plan succeeding.

“Station Road would be improved significantly under this scheme, so I am very enthusiastic.”

Tyisha is densely populated, and more than a quarter of housing is social rented, in low demand and difficult to let.

The council wants to help create a vibrant community by delivering mixed-use housing, improving the environment, tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, developing more community facilities, bringing vacant business premises back into use and providing education, training and employment opportunities.

Residents, businesses and other partners have been consulted and will be asked for their thoughts as the project progresses.

Executive board member for housing, Cllr Linda Evans, said the council had already been liaising with the community for around a year and that a steering group had been set up.

“It is a sensitive scheme, but a positive one as well,” she said.

The ward will also provide a link between Llanelli town centre and the £200 million Wellness Village at Delta Lakes.

Council leader Emlyn Dole said the consultation had been very thorough.

“It’s hopefully going to mean a significant change for the people of Tyisha,” he said.

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