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Dog rescued by RNLI following fall from cliff

ON Tuesday, (Dec 1) Porthdinllaen RNLI lifeboat was launched at the request of Holyhead Coastguard after reports that a dog had fallen down a cliff near Trwyn y Tal, Trefor. The incident was reported by members of the public.

With fine weather, the lifeboat made good headway towards Trefor and once on scene the dog was quickly located at the bottom of a steep cliff. The RNLI lifeboat`s onboard tender, called the Y-boat, was launched and safely made it’s way to the bottom of the cliff.

Miraculously the dog was found to be unharmed and was taken in to the safety of the Y-boat. Meanwhile, the owner had scrambled a short way down the cliff face to try and retrieve the dog had been unable to make her way back up. The local Coastguard team which had also responded to the emergency call, were on hand to assist the person to safety, with the lifeboat standing by.

The dog was taken on to a nearby beach where it was reunited with her grateful owner. The lifeboat was refuelled and ready for service by 3pm.

Coxswain Owain Williams said:

‘We were glad to be of help today in reuniting the owner with her dog but would like to remind the public of the dangers of following their pets down cliffs. If your dog does fall down a steep cliff, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard, and stay well away from the cliff edge until help has arrived.’

Photo credit: RNLI

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