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WITH just under a week to go until the European Parliamentary Elections people in Carmarthenshire are being urged to use their voice and vote.

On Thursday, May 23, electors will have the chance to vote for who they want to represent them in the European Parliament.‬

Carmarthenshire County Council’s electoral services division works to support elections and referendums.

Electors can vote in person at a polling station ‪between 7am and 10pm‬; by now, most people should already have received a poll card telling them where their polling station is.

If you lose or don’t receive a poll card you can still vote as long as you are registered. You can check if you are registered and where your nearest polling station is on the council website carmarthenshire.gov.wales

If you have applied for a postal vote, completed ballot papers need to be returned no later than ‪10pm‬ on election day. You can hand your postal ballot in at any polling station within Carmarthenshire on polling day if you’re not able to send it back by post in advance.

The deadline to apply for a proxy vote – where you appoint someone to vote on your behalf – has now closed. However, in an emergency, for example for health or work reasons, where you cannot go to the polling station in person you can apply for an emergency proxy no later than ‪5pm‬ on the day of the poll.

The European Parliament is currently made up of 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who are elected by 28 European Union member countries. It has powers in a range of areas that affect member countries and can approve, change or reject new European laws.

In the UK, there are currently 12 European electoral regions represented by 73 MEPs; Wales is represented by four MEPs.

A full list of candidates can be found on the council website. The results will be announced by Pembrokeshire County Council, which is collating the results from all 22 Welsh authorities, ‪on Sunday evening‬, May 26. The results will also be published on the council website.

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