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Dream Team produces film to promote West Wales Learning Disability Charter

MEMBERS from Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire People First charities, together with representatives from Ceredigion (collectively known as the Dream Team) have worked with Life Seeker CIC to produce a short film promoting the West Wales Learning Disability Charter.

This follows the hugely successful launch of the LD Charter itself in 2019, after which more than 100 organisations signed it in a 6 month period and the Dream Team won the ‘Award For Empowerment’ at the NHS Wales Awards.

The short film provides an important overview about the Charter, why it exists and how individuals and organisations can support people with learning disabilities to live an independent life.

Chair of the Dream Team James Dash narrates the film and features alongside team members, in addition to Senedd member Paul Davies and Judith Hardisty, Vice-Chair of Hywel Dda University Health Board.

Paul Davies states:

“It’s vital for organisations in West Wales and beyond to not only understand and sign the Charter, but to act on what they pledge. As an Assembly member, I will continue to voice the needs of the LD Charter.”

James Dash says:

“It’s so important for the voices of people with learning disabilities to be at the centre of all decisions. It has been great to see each member get involved with this.”

Sally Boyton, project lead and Director at Life Seeker CIC is a strong advocate for the rights of people with learning disabilities:

“It is hugely inspiring to work with individuals from The Dream Team who have such a high level of passion for their mission and consistent professionalism in all that they do. People with learning disabilities deserve to be treated like everyone else and as a social enterprise dedicating time to supporting people who are managing physical/mental health and learning disabilities, we will continue to help give these people a voice.”

The project has been supported by Pembrokeshire People First, Carmarthenshire People First, Pembrokeshire County Council, Carmarthen County Council, Ceredigion County Council, Hywel Dda University Health Board, Welsh Government through ICF Funding and West Wales Care Partnership.

You can watch the film on the West Wales LD Charter website.

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