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Ducks take flight as park pond turns green

GOING ‘green’ is all the rage as councils talk about ditching plastic and saving the planet.

The ducks at Parc Howard have a different type of green battle on their webbed feet. The pond in the parc, hailed as Llanelli’s ‘jewel in the crown’ is absolutely neon green with a thick scum of algae stretched across the surface. Rubbish also litters areas around the pond.

Park users have taken to social media to air their dismay and disgust that the pond could be left to get into such a bad state.

Some commented that ‘even the ducks have left’ and who can blame them?

Many questioned what could be done to restore the pond and to encourage the much loved ducks back.

Andrea Morris said: “Such a shame to see the pond so gross and unloved or used and all the ducks and goose have been gone for a while. Any idea what’s happened/ happening with it?”

Kathryn Jones said: “I heard they weren’t able to afford to keep the ducks and birds…such a shame.”


It’s not a great advertisement for the council especially as the park is used for wedding photography and is frequently visited by people from all over Wales.

We contacted the Llanelli Town Council and Carmarthenshire County Council to find out what the problem is and if they are looking for a solution.

A spokesperson for Llanelli Town Council said: “Parc Howard remains a County Council’s asset, however, as from 1st April 2018 the Town Council has joined with the County Council is setting up the Parc Howard Collaboration Group which now has control over the County Council’s budget and operation at the park.

“The Town Council has contributed £100k during 2018/19 and will continue to contribute for the foreseeable future under the current arrangement.

“The Town Council’s contribution is currently seen as an additional financial contribution on top of the County Council’s annual budget which is being utilised to improve the facilities at the park and museum.

“The first major scheme is the improvement of the drainage of the main field. This has been instigated as the field becomes waterlogged during the winter and over the years has contributed to the silting of the duck pond.

“The scheme is scheduled to start in the next couple of weeks and following its completion the contractor will clean up the pond.”

Ainsley Williams, Head of Waste and Environmental Services, said: “Unfortunately, the water condition has deteriorated over recent years due to waterlogging on the big field running off into the pond causing silt to build up. The Parc Howard Collaborative Working Group has set funding aside and has just appointed a contractor to install a drainage scheme in the field which should alleviate the water logging and subsequent run off into the pond. Work is due to be completed by the end of July, and the pond will be cleaned shortly after. We hope this remedial work will encourage the ducks to return to the pond.”

Pics. Lucy Fiola


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