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EDUCATION is key when it  comes to the roll-out of new recycling and waste collection rules before enforcement action is taken.

That’s what the members of the policy and pre-decision committee were told on Thursday (September 19).

The waste working group had asked for  a report outlining the approaches to be taken to deal with issues arising from households that don’t comply with the new waste service.

Issues highlighted by the group included putting too many residual waste bags out, putting recyclables in the wrong containers, putting rubbish in places other than outside their property, increase in fly tipping and people using public litter bins for their home waste.

Head of public protection and environmental services Richard Brown said it was about “people taking responsibility for their own waste.”

“We want to work with people, we are not setting ourselves up in a confrontational position,” he added.

The committee heard that the council had powers to be specific about when and where rubbish was put as well as in what containers.

There will be a move away from communal piles of rubbish with households told clearly where their waste is to be presented.

Cllr Mike Evans said that some authorities used their powers to a greater degree, referencing Aberystwyth where households have a specified time to put bags in a seagull proof area.

Mr Brown said there was currently no plan to use District Enforcement to issue penalties and conversations would be had with households doing it wrong before, if necessary, issuing council penalty notices.

Fly-tipping offences required eye-witnesses or physical evidence of the act to “meet the burden of proof” the committee was told.

“Catching people in the act of fly-tipping is very difficult,” Mr Brown said. “Having an address in a bag in no way equates guilt.”

Cllrs Alison Tudor and Tim Evans were two committee members involved in successful drop-in events for people to find out more information about the changes.

Cllr  Evans said many had “come in ready for a battle” but had left happily informed.

There are 62 similar events – at public venues and for private groups – with more possible depending on requests coming in.

New containers and full details are being delivered around the county ready for the November 4 roll-out.

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