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End of face masks ‘a relief for deaf children’ says National Deaf Children’s Society Cymru

With face mask requirements ending in Welsh secondary schools today, the National Deaf Children’s Society issued a statement in relation to deaf children.

Debbie Thomas, Head of Policy for Wales at the National Deaf Children’s Society Cymru, said:

“Today will be a day of relief for deaf children across Wales. Public health has rightly been the focus throughout the pandemic, but the relaxation of face coverings in secondary school classrooms will remove a significant barrier to learning for deaf pupils.

“Face coverings make it difficult for deaf children to understand what others are saying because they cover lip patterns and facial expression as well as muffle sound.

“While face coverings are no longer routinely recommended in classrooms, there will likely be instances where schools do use them under the local framework. As the Welsh Government has always advised, it will be important that wherever they are used, schools talk to their deaf pupils and make adjustments to ensure they can continue to access their lessons.”

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