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Engagement initiative brings policing roles into ‘focus’

THE roles of North Wales Police frontline teams have been brought into renewed focus by a recently-launched engagement initiative.

Led by Assistant Chief Constable Chris Allsop, Frontline Focus strives to address key issues hindering officers and staff in their duties.

Through this ongoing staff engagement, the focus group aims to eradicate the barriers that can prevent serving officers discharging their duties most effectively.

ACC Allsop said: “The fundamental aim of Frontline Focus is simple. We want frontline officers delivering the best possible service to our communities.

“To do that successfully we need to identify and understand the facets of policing work which can, on occasion, prevent that from happening.

“The work we’re doing cuts across numerous business areas, but importantly it has a specific focus on understanding and driving out the benefits for our frontline staff.

“For example, limiting the burden of excessive administrative work is one area we’ve looked to address.

“Streamlining these processes should reduce the significant demand on officers and afford them additional time to prioritise other areas of their duties.

“In the early phases of Frontline Focus, we’ve also sought to improve ICT issues across the force area, strengthened operational capabilities in key areas to enhance response times, undertaken work to improve frontline resourcing, commissioned a review of Neighbourhood Policing, and looked into other measures to drive down demand.”

Since joining the force from Greater Manchester Police four months ago, ACC Allsop has emphasised the need for closer consultation with those on the policing frontline.

He is confident that a collaborative approach will enhance the working lives of frontline officers and staff, and further improve the policing of the communities they serve.

The Force’s comprehensive wellbeing support scheme was also praised by the ACC for its commitment to assisting those in need of its services.

“It’s vitally important that the work our officers undertake on a daily basis is acknowledged and that their voices are heard”, he said.

“By its nature, policing work is rewarding but also hugely challenging.

“Chief Officers understand how tough the job can be, physically, mentally, and emotionally – and just how much it demands from response officers.

“I feel that North Wales Police is cognisant of these challenges and that staff welfare is always an integral consideration.

“An innovative Force Wellbeing Programme is in place to meet a diverse range of needs for those who encounter problems.

“Our officers should feel valued in the work they do and supported when facing adverse or difficult circumstances. Advice, guidance and support is always available for those in need of it.

“As chair of the Frontline Focus group, I want to emphasise that the consultative work being carried out aims to make a tangible and positive difference.

“It is not tokenistic, and it will remain an ongoing priority in terms of troubleshooting emerging problem areas for those at the sharp end of policing.

“By making these incremental changes in the months ahead, Frontline Focus can continue to deliver positive outcomes for all concerned.”

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We’re looking for people who reflect the communities we serve, people who can bring diversity of experience and who are willing to protect our streets.

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